Our Journey

Our humble beginnings started off with a class project...

Five undergraduate engineering students teamed together in 2019 to work on a class project for a lower division course. Little did we know that our ideas and skills would pave the path for a new journey as their project laid the foundation for Feminora. Our Founder, Ashley Urrutia Avila, discovered an unmet need in women’s health medicine and believed there has to be a novel solution to the dreaded vaginal speculum all women need to experience during their pelvic examinations.

Through innovative designs, extensive research, and market analysis, the Feminora team developed our very first design for how the modern speculum should look, work, and feel. However, we were not satisfied and we began to understand that our modernization of the vaginal speculum has potential in revolutionizing women’s health. We strive to have our products on every examination table in clinics and hospitals worldwide in order to provide women and physicians comfort and convenience.

The Initial Prototype

The first Feminora Speculum design

This vaginal speculum was designed by the Feminora team for their class project. Now, it has grown into to be novel and revolutionary.