Competitive Analysis

How does the OneSpec differ from the others?

Even though the traditional two billed speculum provides the largest market share, recent attempts to redesign the speculum have been prevalent. Feminora has performed a competitive analysis on the four other types of speculum that exist on the market, which include the common metal devices, the disposable plastic speculums, and the Yona Care device, and the newest Ceek Nella Spec instruments. A few of these meet some of the specifications we believe are critical for a safe and comfortable speculum. However, the OneSpec’s mechanism and design is completely different from the others, therefore enabling a 360 degree view and application of even pressure on all sides of the vagina. These main advantages solve the greater issues that cause pain and inefficiency with the speculum.

Cost Analysis

How much does the OneSpec cost?

The revenue model that Feminora will employ is the razor-razorblade model. Feminora plans to make money by selling both the novel OneSpec reusable speculum handle and disposible inserter that facilitates insertion and reduces pain as it starts at the size of a tampon. The OneSpec speculum will be sold for approximately $65.00/unit and the disposible inserter will be sold for $1/unit.